Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Rustic Lunch ♥ The Botanist

Summer in the city, and the British public soak up the sunshine, sat outside their favourite lunch spots with a glass of chilled sparkle in hand. But come the autumn/winter months, it's time to seek somewhere cosy, to indulge in comfort food and escape from the season's cool air...

The Botanist is a quirky restaurant and bar waiting to be discovered by food lovers, with an inviting rustic deli-style menu on offer, and an endless selection of drinks to compliment the dishes you're indulging in.

The restaurant's ambiance is relaxed and laid-back, with folk covers of indie classics playing in the background, and a homely feel to the shabby chic interior...this is the perfect escape from the stresses of Christmas shopping!
 Sage green painted panels, exposed brick work, tired looking, wooden floorboards, and an array of garden tools fixed to the walls, take me back to my childhood, where I spent the weekends at my grandparents' allotment; it's stylishly tatty!

 Africa was the waitress assigned to our table, she was incredibly helpful, providing recommendations throughout the process of placing our orders, and she demonstrated a 'can do' attitude, emphasised with a warm and friendly smile.

The 'Almanic' menu tells a story with illustrations and descriptive text, about the world of beer and cider, with a selection of lagers, wheat, blonde and trappist beers, pale ales and ciders.
But if cask-conditioned ales don't tickle your taste buds, there's a fabulous menu featuring the finest Champagnes, and delectable cocktails.

To start, there is an appetizing selection of 'starters and nibbles', I opted for my personal favourite of calamari with lemon mayonnaise, served in a miniature watering can, which I loved the presentation of!
There is also 'The Botanist Deli Board', which allows you to choose four items from the following categories; 'deli favourites', 'meats' and 'cheese', all served with Turkish Flatbread.

The Botanist's main menu provides their customers with a great selection of home comforts including 'Cumberland bangers and mash', to my personal choice of 'scampi and chips'; served in a red and white check picnic basket.
 For the meat lovers, there is the 'Off the Barbeque' menu featuring a succulent selection of burgers, steaks and hanging kebabs; aswell as the 'From the Rotisserie' choices that include half a chicken, a whole chicken, or roast chicken sandwich, all served with seasoned chips which are delicious.

 Throughout the week, The Botanist offers live music so you can stop by the bar for a luscious drink and live entertainment, or sit back with friends and make an evening of it with some traditional, tasty food.

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  1. This place seems to be amazing!

  2. looks like you had a lovely time!

  3. I love this place, I really want to eat there but the last time we went they had stopped serving food, maybe next time =)

    Hurrah for bloggers in my area - I'm going to check out the rest of your blog now!

    Corinne x

  4. We need to go here next time I'm up! Xx

  5. I love food pics on blogs! This looks like the most loveliest place to go for a chilled out lunch, or dinner. love places like this! comfortable, unique and not intimidating x


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