Saturday, 25 January 2014

Fazenda ♥ Meat Feast

Fazenda Leeds*

Fazenda, offering their customers a card of control, to sit back in the comfortable yet stylish surroundings, and take advantage of an unlimited meat feast.

 Sinking back into the plush, leather booth seating, a large glass of Argento Malbec in hand, and the colour coded chip in my control. The gaucho chefs stood on standby, awaiting to serve their customer's appetite with the sizzling skewers of succulent meat.
The Fazenda lunch menu offers 7 cuts of carefully sourced meat, cooked to juicy perfection in their traditional Brazilian grill, they include; Picanha, Alcatra, Bife De Presunto, Costela, Frango, Lingui├ža, and Halal meats.

Central of the restaurant, a sumptuous salad bar is situated, offering an extensive selection of side dishes that include gourmet salad, smoked salmon, sushi, olives and imported cheeses.
I found both the choice and presentation highly impressive, with each dish displayed clearly, to showcase the appetizing delights within! 

 This traditional Brazilian restaurant is a dining delight hiding away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, perfect for a leisurely lunch or romantic dinner date.
Fazenda's concept caters for customers with an appreciation for excellent service, delicious food and fine wine, so if your taste buds are tempted by the unlimited meat feast on offer...go take a seat at Fazenda's table.

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  1. lovely!

  2. Wow...nice post, i love this place :) great post....i'm your new follower from Italy.
    I follow you also in instagram....if you want visit my blog and follow me...thank you :D

  3. Ooo I will have to pay it a visit! Thanks for sharing, I am a new follower :) xx

  4. Gorgeous pictures! Do you edit themmm? they look awesome!...♥

    Sharlotte // Sharlotte

  5. One of my favourite leeds restaurants! So much meat! X

  6. this is such a lovely outfit! such a sweet dress

  7. Love love love this post!
    Having been to Fazenda i completely agree with everything you have said. It's also really refreshing to read a carefully and effectively written post from a fellow Leeds blogger :) xx


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